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Hedge Laying and Planting


The style of hedge laying which I practise is the Midland style and in my work I use Hazel or softwood stakes and Willow binders with the Hazel and Willow coming from sustainable sources. The majority of my work is, at present, in Lincolnshire and Norfolk, where I have practised my craft for individuals and estates.

Hedge Laying is a seasonal craft and in order to avoid disturbing wildlife, it is usually done during the months September to March which is the dormant period for the plants. By doing this it is also hoped that any disturbance to wildlife will be kept to a minimum.

Hedge Laying is an ancient craft, the practise of which, with the increased interest in countryside matters, wildlife and the environment, is on the rise again. Hedge Laying was originally, predominantly, practised in agricultural areas with different styles throughout the country. For example, the Midland style, which I practise, is a robust style of laying designed originally to keep livestock in a field. It is staked and bound, often with Hazel or Willow, with the binding lower than the top of the hedge in order to stop the animals from removing it with their horns. The most ideal species to lay are those native to Britain such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel and Holly.

I also offer a planting service which can compliment the Hedge Laying particularly if the layed hedge is old and sparse. New planting schemes are also undertaken and I can supply plants if required.